Interfiber company is proud to have a wide range of certificates, thanks to which we can function in an international capacity and provide our valuable customers the highest standards of activity and the highest quality.

One of the most desired and appreciated by the customers is BRC certificate, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) organization. The implementation of this system provides our customers with the certainty that they meet international food safety standards and a guarantee that they will receive a product that meets their expectations.

Thanks to implementing a Quality Management System we showed that our products, services as well as internal processes meet the highest standards. What does it mean to our customer? It means that they receive all the time the consistent service and the consistent products.

As a company, we strongly focus on quality development, which is why we have implemented the following standards: ISO 22000 and ISO 9001, which are accredited by the international ISO standardization organization and accepted all over the world. And most importantly, they prove that our organization provides our clients with consistent, reliable and tailored solutions.

Being aware of the natural environment we implemented also ISO 14001 certificate. It is everyone’s job to protect the environment by preventing pollution and continually improving the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we inhabit. By reducing the amount of waste and consumption of resources we managed to lower operating cost.

Interfiber company pays a special attention on the special needs, like national requirements or beliefs. In this case we implemented Halal and Kosher certificates. We want to take care about people who need to be fed as required by their beliefs and want to know whether the products are prepared in accordance with their beliefs.

The Halal certificate is a document that guarantees that products and services aimed at the Muslim population meet the requirements of Islamic religious laws. The Kosher symbol on a label represents more than a product that conforms to religious standards of Jewish people. It represents ensures additional supervision and it is viewed as an added safeguard when buying food.

Being an exporter to many countries all over the world means also the special requirements to single country. One of those document is FDA Approval, that allows to do the business legally with USA. FDA necessities are rigorous, so having this certificate confirm that our products have been tested, and are secure to use.

Having so many certificates, Interfiber proved that is a company worth of trust, interests and provides the highest level of food safety.



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