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Our Products

Unicell products are natural, insoluble fibers derived from: wheat, bamboo, cellulose, oat or pea. Unicell fibers provide excellent water and oil retention.

Food Application

Unicell fibres are used in multiple applications across the food industry: meat, bakery, pasta, dairy, fish and more.

About us

Interfiber is a producer of natural origin: wheat fiber, bamboo fiber, powdered cellulose and oat fiber. We offer a reliable and tested product. The quality of our products is subject to strict control. It is guaranteed by ISO 22000 and BRC 7 safety systems. We have also been granted Kosher, Halal and FDA certificates. Our company's history has proven that fiber is a force to be reckoned with. If you ignore them, you might find yourself left behind. We began in 2007 with the manufacturing of three kinds of fiber. Today, we are an international company with great perspectives. We offer not only fiber, but also a perfect solutions for your products.

We are aware of what consumers really care about: quality and certainty that the products they choose are safe, meet the highest standards and customer expectations. That is why we focus all our activities on these issues. Raw materials of proven quality, an experienced and professional team, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and quality certificates contribute to the making of our final, high quality product.