HIGH-QUALITY FIBERS Produced by us, made for you!

We know how important and cleansing is the close relationship between man and nature. That’s why we draw inspiration from it, protect it and try to be as close as possible to natural raw materials - the ones from which our products are made. Surrounded by fields, orchards and forests that we pass daily on our way to work, solutions are created that naturally will facilitate your production, improve your products and the health of your consumers, reduce the amount of waste produced and food wasted!
Our huge selection of fibers, which are available in multiple grades, will help solve many key issues related to food production. Discover HERE what you can gain by using fiber.
Almost every day we learn about new applications of cellulose fibers both in food technology and technical industries. More and more new products are entering the market with their use. Many of them are not only modern but also ecological. Let our website be an opportunity for you to familiarize with Unicell products.
Our R&D department develops new solutions in which you can use insoluble fiber to improve your production. The meat applications center and mini bakery allow our specialists to be unlimited in creativity and at the same time test new ideas in industrial production conditions. Our experience is really proven, and it will also work for you - trust us!
The Unicell fiber facilitate the balancing of the food diet. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a modern pet food without the use of cellulose fibers. They have both nutritional and technological advantages. Our fiber dedicated to Petfood is produced under the name - Bestocell.
For economic reasons, powdered cellulose cannot compete with native sources of cellulose, such as straw or beet pulp, however, due to its unique properties, they are irreplaceable in the industrial production of animal feed. It is used, among others, to correct the bulk density, improve the structure, e.g. in extruded and expanded feeds. The addition of powdered cellulose accelerates the drying process of extrudates and expands. One unique application is piglet feed.
Fiber as a natural substance is an excellent filling or addition to applications not related to food.
From the beginning of our activity - for almost 15 years, we’ve been focusing on expanding the group of our clients. We know how important it is for our products to reach all customers on time, without any delays, which is why we serve them through a network of representatives and partners in over 50 countries around the world.