Fiber in meat – what benefits can you expect?

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Fiber in meat – what benefits can you expect?

Fiber is a natural product sourced from plants. Not only is it beneficial for our health, but also demonstrates exceptional technological functionality in food processing. We have conducted an interview with Luiz Fernando Guidorizzi, Sales Director for Latin America and Canada in InterFiber, to provide more information about the use of fiber in meat industry.


In what ways can it be used in meat industry?

Fiber is sourced from various plants. It is thoroughly cleaned, micronized and prepared with a special method. This way of preparation guarantees unique water binding properties. Depending on a fiber length and a raw material, it can permanently bind up to 1200% of water in the final product. That’s the main benefit of using fibers in meat industry.
Moreover, products with fiber addition demonstrate lower losses while thermal treatment and therefore higher efficiency in the production process. Multiple studies proved that fiber addition to sausages increases the yield, improves the texture and consistency, which affects the bite. In barrier products, such as luncheon meat, fiber reduces thermal leakage while thermal treatment. In injected products fiber addition influences the juiciness, reduces the leakage and enhances the texture.

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