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What’s new at Interfiber?


There is a place in Poland… Sounds like a beginning of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Well, the place where we located our headquaters is indeed magical. We wanted to share it with you therefore we prepared a special video so you can get to know us a bit better.


The Apple (Fiber) of your eye


What do consumers seek in food these days? They surely appreciate short labels and reduced number of additives. They also tend to choose products that are beneficial to their health and therefore they look for ingredients to balance their diets. One such ingredient is food fiber.

Food fibe...


Unifit LS for Shelf Life Extension


Unifit LS is a unique blend of Unicell Bamboo Fiber BF with sorbic acid. It is dedicated to sliced packed white bread shelf life extension. In order to obtain the expected result of minimal 60 days of usefulness to consumption, the dosage of 2.0% of Unifit LS to flour must be applied*.



InterFiber is growing!


As a result of dynamic and long-term development of our company, there is a need for more space to be added to our existing facility. This will enable us to work on and accomplish new and bold projects. Realizing this fact, the Management Board of InterFiber has approved the expansion of our curr...

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