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UNIFIT new product from Interfiber

UNIFIT new product from Interfiber

UNIFIT is a unique mix of soluble and insoluble natural fibers  which possesses excellent   water  binding capability and is stable in a wide range of temperatures. Owing to their unique properties UNIFIT® fibers minimise storage leakages especially with vacuum packed products. 
UNIFIT fibers imitate smooth and rolling mouthfeel of fat and can be used as partial fat replacers. UNIFIT fibers enable you to create fat reduced products, with decreased cooking  and storage drip losses.  

UNIFIT fibers are produced in three types, to suit your applications 
best: UNIFIT 90, UNIFIT 100, UNIFIT 200

Product Applications Dosage
UNIFIT 90 Injected products, especially phosphate free products
  • improves yield
  • no „E” number
  • increases brine viscosity
  • reduces drip losses
  • lower losses during slicing
UNIFIT 100 Homogenised products, medium minced sausages, injected products
  • improves yield
  • enhances texture
  • water binding properties are retained during heat 
  • treatment
  • reduces leakages
  • suitable for phosphate free formulations
UNIFIT 200 Homogenised products
  • efficiently reduces syneresis 
  • improves texture 
  • gives a better knack
  • reduces drip losses during production and storage 
  • leaves a clean label
  • binds water effectively both when hot or cold

* depending on function/formulation

added: Thursday, 1 January 2015