Toast Bread


Addition of Unicell WF, or PF to toast bread significantly influences all the parameters analyzed. The more Wheat Fiber is added, the better the assessment is; this fact is mostly noticeable in crumb homogeneity and general appearance. Fiber additionally influences freshness of the product, its efficiency and its volume.

Main Chacacteristics:

  • Easy dosing
  • Excellent water and oil retention
  • Reduction of production costs


Summary of our laboratory research:

  • Increases Yield
  • Gives the extra feeling of freshness and extends freshness
  • Reduces baking loss
  • Increases volume of the final product till approximately 2.5% dosage
  • Does not contribute any off-taste but provides natural feel to toast bread
  • Assessed as better in terms of general evaluation

Unicell Wheat Fiber WF can contribute higher yields in breads. This can be attributed to the fiber’s high water binding property since additional water is required in the formulation to maintain the dough consistency of breads containing Wheat Fiber. The recommended fiber for toast breads is Unicell Wheat Fiber WF-200.

  • Increases efficiency of the final product
  • Increases the feeling of freshness
  • Enhances the texture of the final product
  • Does not give off-taste to the product, the fiber is of natural origin
  • Is easily adapted to the recipe
  • Enhances nutritional profile

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