Our mission

Is to focus on the constant improvement. We want our products, especially food products, available in the global market, that are bought by ourselves, our loved ones, and many others from around the world, to be safe, have good nutritional values and will meet all regulatory requirements and techncal expectations.

We want to provide the highest quality products in response to the needs of entrepreneurs, especially those in the food industry that will also fulfil the desires of consumers. By providing companies with our superior products, we will enable them to improve their products and gain consumer trust. Our company will always strive to provide the consumer with a final product of the highest quality and integrity, manufactured in accordance with pro-health trends. We will always see ourselves as a progressively developing company as positive changes should be embraced to bring excellence in all that we do.


Why us? It’s simple!

We strive for long-term business cooperation and relationships. Planning for the future allows us to offer a stable supply with competitive prices.

We understand the requirements of our customers. Therefore, short delivery schedules and logistics are key factors that we constantly focus on. Our team of professional experts is always on hand to provide support in whatever is necessary.


Our quality policy sets new standards

We only utilize raw materials from reliable sources with good environmental records. One of our factories is actually located within a nature park. Therefore our production process needs to be, and is, ecologically friendly.  Our products are prepared by a team of experienced technologists who also conduct research and development on new products. Our factories utilize the most modern production technologies and are certified by third party accrediting agencies who have issued us with their globally recognized certificates. These factories are also located near harbors, further facilitating transportation logistics.

We are set for constant development.


It all started with an idea

The idea was to provide healthier solutions to the food industry. That is why Interfiber was established in 2008. We have been in the market for 13 years and is still rapidly growing.

Today, Interfiber is one of the largest manufacturers of food fibers in the world.


Products are available worldwide

Our company is currently present in over 70 countries worldwide. Due to our good geographical location, we are able to deliver our products to all our global customers in an efficient and expeditious manner.

Our legal and regulatory department ensures that our products are in compliance with both, local as well, as international laws and regulations.


Together we can achieve more Food Ingredients Group

Today, our group includes 5 companies operating in more than 70 countries and employs more than 300 people. We still strive to foster the values that have guided us since our beginning: product quality, a family atmosphere among our employees, and great relationships with all our business partners. These make us a reliable business partner and have contributed to our dynamic growth in the international market.

Every day we strive to combine our expertise and experience with our passion and creativity. Our company hires the best individuals for every position, from the finest food technologists to expert specialists in food laws and regulations, to professional sales representatives and top marketing specialists.

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